Natural Handcrated Plant Based Products

The right alternative to mass produced, synthetic and chemically enhanced products on the market


I have known Thuy for almost 3 years now. I met her after my son was born when she owned her store in Livermore, Ca. My go to products with her are the diaper cream, the baby soap and the zit zapper. Since my son was born I'm proud to say that I have never dealt with diaper rash and that's all to thank for the diaper cream that Thuy sells. The diaper cream also works great with any type rashes or minor scraps. As a woman I can say I have the occasional zits and when using Thuy's zip zapper it doesn't last long. The first day you use it you can already feel a difference and after three days it's gone. It's the perfect product for any teenage children dealing with zits. It's unfortunate she no longer owns her store in Pleasanton, ca but she is awesome about bringing products to your house. Plus you can find her acne products and diaper cream at New Leaf  Market in Pleasanton, Ca.
– Richelle A.

We have been using products from Thuy for almost 18 months now.  It started with some products to help my husband's psoriasis.  These are the first products he has used that actually have made a difference.  Then, I started using different creams and oils for my skin - and they're great, too!  Thuy really talks to you and understands you and your skin and your routines and offers products that are custom made for your personal situation.  I have been extremely satisfied and get compliments on my skin, quite frequently - even from medical professionals.   Many thanks to Thuy and the staff at TGH Naturals.
– Lois R.

I am so lucky to have found this place!  I started using their products about 7 months ago and I absolutely love the difference and feel in my skin! Thuy is by far the most knowledgeable and sweetest person ever!! This skin care line is truly one that does not mask but actually fixes problems deep down.  Not only do I used her products from head to toe now but  I get the privilege of working with Thuy!!  Once you try the products you will NEVER go back to what you were using before!!
– Peggy F.

Focus oil & calming oil I used on me & my daughter the most to help center & balance mood plus increase concentration. It's quite effective.
– Ynez S.

I got this nightly regimen skin treatment serum from Thuy Huynh been using it now for about a week at first i was reluctant thinking another beauty product gimmick..which I've been suckered into many i thought nope never again..but I want to help our sister out and much convincing I relented so I agreed to try it! Well, I'm happy to report to you my sister Thuy the results. I notice t...hat when I get up in the morning my skin is not dry and feels supple. The serum goes into our pores overnight as we sleep to condition and prevents dryness which is exactly what I need because I have very dry skin, if left unchecked cause wrinkles. Thank you Thuy, for this wonderful product without the harsh chemicals, all natural ingredients made by your own loving hands. See More
– Mary J.

For several years now I have been battling with a thyroid condition. One of the side effects that I have experienced is the thinning and loss of my eyelashes. I've tried several other products prescribed to me. However they have not been successful. After using Ta naturals' lash growth serum for only 10 days I have noticed a substantial difference in my lashes they are not only thicker but they are longer. I could not be happier. Thank you so much for creating this wonderful blend of essential oils.

– Karen K.

I love the products. I recommended the sunscreen to my friend that had complained of breaking out with other products. S...he tried it and loved how good it smelled and that it was not heavy or greasy. I tried another lotion for my 8 yr old girl that had lil bumps on her face and instantly after the first use it was going dwn. Needless to say she has a clear and smooth face.

– Daydee G.

I want to thank God, Thuy and her beautiful family for blessing my son Brayden with her healing oils. Brayden has suffered since the age of one years old with severe allergies and asthma. In and out of the hospital . . . Thuy gave me three different oils this past Sunday in the church parking lot to try on Brayden. She explained to Brayden how to use each one and applied the oil for his runny and congested nose and said it would probably take about three days to start working. As we walked away Brayden says daddy the nice lady said it will work in three days, and I said yes son, your body has to get used to it and he goes, but daddy it only took two minutes my nose feels so good and I can breath . . . Thank you Jesus for blessing Thuy with this gift and for her being obedient in helping people feel better. We are in our third day of the treatments and I can totally see the difference. After so many Dr. appointments and still no relief for my son. . . finally answered prayers. . . Our God is faithful in all things and is still in the healing business. Thank you from our family to yours!!
– Anthony C.